About Tyler Norris
Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur since 2001.

About Me

I've always had a passion for design and technology, but it wasn't until I was 18, that I realized I could mesh that with entrepreneurship and make a living. In 2001, I found a like-minded co-conspirator, and we started a business in Washington, D.C., called Pigeon Internet - Delivering Your Message. For the next four years, it allowed me to travel, meet new people and learn about life and business.

By 2005, I was ready to shift my focus back to my native midwest, and try my hand at local business. I co-founded PH DesignHouse in El Dorado, KS, and started the journey of trial and error that is the life of an entrepreneur. Through those experiences, I have been able to master the skills necessary to work in several design mediums, as well as develop excellent customer relations skills.

I thrive on diversity and new challenges, which is why I'll always be an entrepreneur, and enjoy working with like-minded business owners, helping them improve their brands.

I’m married. A disciple of Jesus Christ. And gosh darn it, an all around nice guy (don’t hesitate to ask for references!). I'm also the founder of Building323, a co-working office space, and the Vice-Chairman of the Board for the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center, where I co-founded Great Beginnings Boutique. I also volunteer my time for local marketing initiatives that help promote and grow my hometown of El Dorado, Kansas.

More recently I was a part of a team that brought Dueling Llamas to market, a new, easy to play card game for all ages, as well as an Expansion Pack. I'm currently working on the launch of a new product called Mosquito Beads, a new mosquito repellent that's an all-natural and much longer lasting alternative to traditional citronella candles. I am also a licensed real estate agent with Beal Real Estate Group working with family and friends in the Wichita area, as well as a 3D Designer with Gravity::Works Architecture.

Creative Services

Branding breaks down into three simple steps: Being Known, Being Liked, and Being Trusted. My primary focus is to help you be known through better, consistent design. I've worked with well over 100 clients since 2001, and I'm ready to help you craft a recognizable brand - a brand that's built upon a well-designed logo, and consistent print design.

In addition to Logos and Print Design, I also work with Residential/Commercial Design, Video/Motion Graphics, and shoot Aerial/Architectural Photography.

Let's Chat

If you’d like to talk to me about a new project or want to hear more about what I can do, hit me up.

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